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(Done for [info]picspammy Challenge 19: Second Chance – Casting, x-posted to [info]one_piece and [info]picspam_love)

A/N 1: First of all, a warning: I did not cast Asians. I don’t care about mangas/animes being unfilmable. I did not cast characters who clearly cannot be played by human beings. THIS IS FOR FUN, GUYS. Haters to the left!
Also, one little spoiler for the current arc, blackened. So don’t highlight it and you’re safe!

A/N 2: Don’t run away after the first character on this list, it gets better. But I simply could not cast Luffy. Which brings me to…

A/N 3: You’re more than welcome to recast or cast the rest in the comments! There’s more than one on this list I’m not completely happy with, so I want input XD


HALP PLZ. I got desperate. I even googled Some Brazillian Guy because Oda once mentioned Luffy would be Brazillian. I mean, he’s probably horrible, but at least he laughs, which is more than I can say about James McAvoy. So I gave up. Hit me with your ideas!

I know he’s too old, but hey, he’s good the broody grumpiness XD

Nora can be a total HBIC (which, let’s face it, is Nami’s real role in the crew) and is ridiculously cute at the same time. She’d just need a boob job.
Also possible: Winona Ryder

Er… I don’t really like him, but he seemed like the best choice.
Maybe better: Brad Pitt

Eva Green is perfect. She has the same slightly dark, mysterious, elegant charm. Also (yes, far-fetched, I know), Robin would be Russian. Eva played Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, who in the original novel was a Soviet spy. \o/
Would also be great: Uma Thurman

I know. Obvious.


Hm, idk?

Yes XD Whoever plays Kureha needs the right body. She’d just need to be shot without make-up.

Well, I still retain the belief that Hugh Laurie can laugh, he just chooses not to.

Come on, she doesn’t even need wings, she’s an angel already. :)

Again, obviously.


I think he looks the part, and aside from being AWESOME all around, I think his voice isn’t unlike Hawkeye’s and he’s good with accents. RDJ with Spanish accent (imo)? Yes plz.

Might fit too: Bud Spencer


Potentially awesome too: Christoph Waltz

He’d just have to stop smiling :D

And a prosthetic nose, obv. But look at those eyes – a little mascara and it all fits :)

One word: FIERCE.


I think the Brad Pitt that played Tyler Durden would be perfect for Kidd.
Maybe also: James Franco

I think he could do it. Just get him a little peroxide. >.>

Okay, I know it’s not an exact likeness. But ever since Law showed up at Marinford all “Don’t worry, I’m a doctor!”, he’s been Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes in my mind. No-one will be able to talk me out of this. They share a name, ffs! >.<

Yeah, recast needed. I don’t like Apoo much, so I kinda didn’t try hard.

I’ll reconsider this if he ever takes off his mask XD

Okay, Anne Hathaway is awesome, and I think she could throw a tantrum that would do Bonney proud (alright, most of female Hollywood could do that) and wouldn’t be afraid to devour a ton of pizza (which most of female Hollywood couldn’t).

Again with the obvious.



Love? Hate? Fisticuffs? Devil Fruits? :D

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