Black Strom v2.0 By pap-

*** Feature ***
- 15 x4 = 60 ID Login for Multy at a Time
- 15 x 8 = 120 ID Save
- Auto Chek Balance for Multy
- One Click Password Changer for Multy
- Super Fast Kick
- Touch Kick
- List Kick
- Super Fast Flood with 320 Char [ Not Suspended , 2 hour Continuously Flood Tested ]
- Manual and Counting Flood
- DC Code Flood with 250 Char
- Roll Flood with Unlimited ID
- Flood Chat Option
- Enter Left Flood with Unlimited ID [cant be kicked, tested against with moon.marvel and h0wden]
- Super Fast Admin Detector
- ID Leave Option it Admin Enter In To The Room
- Start Alarming When Admin Stays in The Room
- Super Fast Auto Entry
- Room Info Can Be Watched Even If Spy is Out Of  The Room [kicked , entered , left starting of kick .. etc]
- Last Kick , Last Entered , Last Left Info
- Auto Vote Option Even if Spy is Out Of  The Room
- Smart Auto Chat Option for Multies [example: multy will wc new entered user if auto chat running]
- Clone Another Room Chat To Make Admin
- Super Fast Group Flood with 15 IDs
- Force Entry Option for Spy
- 3 ID Spy for Perfection
- Kick and Leave Option [target will be locked outside from the room and multy will kick the target and leave room asap
- Kick and Stay Option [target will be locked outside from the room and multy will kick the target and will stay in the room]
- Instan Multy Set Change Option
- 3/3 ID Left Option
- Single ID Enter / Left Option
- Single ID Relogin Option
- Brutal Kick Option to Kick Multiple Target in a Single Click
- Smart Blacklist Option
- Auto List [for online admin and room ids]
- ID Count Option [by this soft will count for u that how many id and which of your id is in the room]
- Chat Windows For Spy
- Fasted Auto Leave Option for Multies if Kick Started on Them

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