Avoid Controlling Diabetes With Obesity

Diabetes is a very famous disease now days and many people today are suffering from the disease and the number is growing day by day. There are few things that we should know about diabetes in order to control it better. First thing is diabetes can't be cured. If anybody claims that he can cure diabetes. His claim is false so be cautious from such scams. On the other hand diabetes is completely controllable through proper medication and life style adjustments. How we will discuss it here. It is a disease in which we one of our systems fails to operate. That system controls our blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels are very important parameters that should be controlled and adjusted properly in order to live a healthy life otherwise it will cause serious problems to our body system. In diabetes as I have mentioned that this sugar control system goes corrupt so the only solution is to control it manually. It's just like our body is normally on auto pilot but in this case our auto pilot stop working and we have to take controls in our hands.
Now the problem is that our auto pilot was highly sophisticated and advanced and it controls our blood sugars to the best levels by itself. But as we take the control in our hands we can't achieve such levels of sophistication by any available tool. That is why diabetes is a progressive disease that is difficult to control. However there is one thing that could turn the tables. That would be obesity. In type 2 diabetes, which is the most prevalent form of diabetes today Up to 90 percent of the diabetics are suffering from type 2 diabetes, obesity is that single parameter that could help the diabetics to control their disease. Keep in mind that lipid is directly related to glucose the more you have fat on your body the more prone you would be to blood sugar crisis. There are different tools used to analyze obesity levels for example BMI (body mass index) and WHR (waist hip ratio) are the two most widely tools used for this purpose. However WHR is a better obesity analyzer that could help to check obesity and risk of diabetes.
Obesity is the mother of diabetes and diabetes can be controlled if we control obesity. That would be a simple and linear relationship.

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