EntreCard and How to Drop Fast

Entrecard is a free Advertising Platform which allows you to display 125 X 125 Banner AD of your Blog on numerous other fellow Blogs. The only thing that you have to do is to place a similar 125 X 125 Banner on your Blog so that other members can also Advertise on your blog. Entrecard works on a Virtual Currency called EC Credits which can be earned in many easy ways. The easiest of which is to Drop on other fellow sites (a.k.a. Visit sites with Entrecard Widget and Click on Drop ). In this post I will be telling you how to get started with Entrecard and How to then Drop at lightening fast speed and effectively as well.

Before Starting anything make sure you have Signed Up for Entrecard, If not Click Here to SignUp . After this process it will take about 1-2 days for your blog to get approved .It is advised that only after getting your blog approved should you proceed further.

Now lets get started:

After opening EntreCard's Site it would appear something like this

You will be given 200ec credits to get started with your Advertising Campaign. To spend them go to the Campaign Tab and then Go to the By Category Tab or go to the Random Tab and start your Advertising campaign by clicking the Advertise button.

This will reduce your EC Credits ,now comes the part to increase your EC Credits. This can be done by either Dropping (a.k.a. visiting other sites in the network & Clicking the Drop Button) or by Market listings. We will be discussing the Dropping way.

To get started in the same Campaign Tab go to the ,Random Tab and then when we hover over any Site's Profile you will see two links namely Site or Profile . Right Click on the Site Link and click on open in New Tab.

Now search for the EntreCard Widget on the site and click on Drop , you are limited to Drop 300 times a day.

How To Drop Fast and Effectively:

Popularity of the Blog/Website in the EntreCard system depends on how many drops it receives on any given day, the more popular the blog the more Drops it receives .Now Entrecard decides the Popularity of the Blog/Website based on the number of Drops it receives and not based on the number of Drops it does ,so even if you do 300 drops a Day for a full month but you don't receive any back then all your Hard Work and Internet Bandwidth will go totally waste.

So Now arises the Question that effective dropping is only possible when the person on whose site you have Dropped ,Drops back on yours otherwise it is a total waste of your efforts.

Now comes the concept of EntreCard Can

What are EntreCard Can?
EntreCard Can are the fast and effective way of dropping with the following benefits: 

-Fast Loading
-All Blogs Equipped With EntreCard Widget
-All Blogs Active And Running
-All EntreCard Widgets Fairly Visible
-EC Credits Can Be Earned Using Any Of Your Favorite Browsers
-No Blog With Objectionable Content
-No Blog With Explicit Ad Banners
-No Blog With Pop Ups
-No Blog With Heavy JavaScript
-All Blogs are Dedicated Droppers, Hence Increasing Your Popularity

Click A Can To Start Dropping!
If you really want to make dropping a fun adventure then do this,
  1. Download Opera Browser -The fastest browser!
  2. Run Opera In Turbo Speed Mode
  3. Allow pop-ups in Opera by going to TOOLS > PREFERENCES > GENERAL. Under the general tab set the pop-ups option to "Open all Pop-ups"
  4. Now sign into your EntreCard account
  5. Now simply click a can to enjoy!

EntreCard Can can Bring You More Traffic 

If your Blog is included in one of the Cans above then you are surely lucky! We receive 4000-5000 Visitors Monthly and with 12,000 Monthly Page views (Thanks To God). Our Blog can be well judged by the PR status (2.0), mounting Alexa rank, Facebook Friends(1700+), Twitter flowers(500+), Comment ratio and etc. Keeping in mind that we launched this site just 4 months back. Further our readership is increasing at exponential rate. In short for your Blog to be in a EntreCard Can is equal to an extra 4000-5000 loyal visitors .

So If you have really understood the logic then kindly spread The Can Adventure in the following ways,

Display the following Can Banners Near Your EntreCard Widget

<a href="" title="Earn EC credits daily with EntreCard Cans!"><img alt="Amazing Blogger Tips To Increase Traffic to your Blog" src=""/></a>

Note:- We Believe In Multiplying Traffic Through EntreCard Cans To Your Blogs and increasing your Popularity in the EntreCard system.Therefore for this service to work as efficiently as possible we will keep only those blogs in the cans which will help us in increasing the monthly drops by displaying Can Banners on their blogs. All those blogs which will not co-operate will be excluded from the cans for others sake.

Want To Get Into A Can?

If your blog is not present in any of the cans below than you can surely make it possible by leaving your blog URL in the comment box below. Your blog will qualify only if it fulfills the following simple requirements.
  1. Your Blog Must Have Good Post Quantity (15-20 Posts Above)
  2. Your Blog Should have a EntreCard Widget.
  3. Your Blog Should be fast loading
  4. You should be a dedicated Dropper.
Note:- To Be accepted and reviewed quickly kindly add the can banner just below the EntreCard widget in advance.
If you fulfill all these requirements successfully then your blog will go straight into one of the preferred cans above. We will inform you via email to start finding your blog in one of the above cans yourself! For Fun will always remain a part of this service :)

Report An Abuse Or Flag A Blog

If you find any blog that shows explicit content, displays no EntreCard widget or has disobeyed our TOS then kindly Paste their Blog URL in the Comment box below. We will review the blog and will remove it immediately from the can.

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