Mig33 Power Roll v14

*** Feature ***
- Ultimate IDs Login ( You need Fast internet speed for the flood otherwise ypu will get conection timeout Error )
- Keep Alive For all Multy so they get read all the time, and will not DC
- Super Speed Enter Left !! ( More IDs , More Speed )
- No Admin Can Kick Multy, Maybie only 1 or 2 IDs will be kick ( Because admins will try brutal kick )
- Not Working IDs Filter ( This will filter all your not working IDs ( Banned Captcha check )
- Easy add IDs
- Easy Interface
  .....and many more

*** How To Load Multy in This File ***
- Create new text file and fill it whit all your IDs ( 1 ID each line )
- Save the file with any name
- Run tool and click multy manager
- Load the file by clicking browse and choose the file
- Put of the password of the multy
- Put any name for the set, the name should be english letters and numbers only !! ( DONT PUT SPECIAL LETTERS )
- Choose add multy, and your multy will show with number of IDs bellow
- Choose multy set in multy manager and click use selected set
- The multy will load and click POWER ON button
- Wait until power 100%
- Enter Room Name
- Click Flood

 [ Download ]

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