Smart Admin v3.7 [ cracked ]

*** Feature ***
- Login Array

- Unlimited Open Room
- Bad Word Detector and auto Kick
- Auto Kick Unlimited Series Multy By of Any Type
- Auto Kick Unlimited Series Multy Manually By Fixed Digit of ID Match
- Auto Kick Unlimited Multy Random Entered
- Auto Kick Roll Multy Series By Adding in Blacklist and Manually fix the Blacklist Digit of ID
- Combo Kick 10 Multy ID by Right Click or From auto Kick
- Combo Kick Single ID
- Normal Kick ID by Mouse Drag and Right Click Unlimited ID
- Normal Banned and Combo Kick Mood
- Separate Group Chat, Private Chat, Room Chat
- Initial Blacklist for Kick any Type Roll Flood
- Banned 1000 Multy Series for Managed Room with One Click, You Can Change it Manually
- Saved Visited Room List, Kicked and Banned List
- Auto Leave Group Chat
- Change Theme of Software
- Login Visible or Invisible
- Banned or Unbanned Pvt Room Silent IDs by One Click
- Manually Detec Series Multy Kick and Banned
- See You Logged IDs Energy Power

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