UAV special 2.5 (Unlimited Avatar vote)

*** Feature ***
- Builtin 500 Multi ID (No need extra Multi ID)
- 1000 ID login
- Unlimited Avatar Vote(With Random & Series)
- Unlimited Like Vote
- Unlimited Foot Print
- Extra ID save Option (Picture 4)
- Unlimited Series ID add (Extra)
- 6 Set Multi Save
- Blue Notification of successful Avatar vote
- Green Notification of successful Like vote
- Red NotiFication of Error Image Captcha
- Spy ID Captcha Supported
- Multi ID Captcha Image Supported. You can Fix Captcha By 1 click

*** Method of Use ***
1. Login your spy ID.
2. Load your Multi And login
3. Click “Avatar vote” For voting.
4. For Fixing Image Captcha > Check on >Fix Image Error (Check Picture 3) > Single Click Red Colour ID

This is trial version, you may use this for 3 days

if you are interested full version with Exclusive Features

Contact : 
yaan_9               (For bangladesh)
duckkyy             (For nepal)
monster_killer1   (For nepal)
nando                 (For indonesia)

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