The Avengers Movie Trailer Captain America The First Avenger Trailer

The first trailer for Marvel’s ultimate superhero mashup, The Avengers has just arrived online.
The Avengers is Marvel’s version of DC’s Super Friends/Justice League, and is made up of Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor and others. Paramount is using the film to tie together many of the franchise pictures it has released over the past five years. Since 2008, films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have grossed more than $2.2 billion worldwide.

This teaser, punctuated quite nicely with the Nine Inch Nails track “We’re in This Together,” lives up to its name and offers fans a look at the characters as well as some of the action sequences that they can anticipate. As expected, Robert Downey Jr. has all the best lines.

Joss Whedon directed the film, which opens on May 4. On a scale from insanely to super-insanely, how excited are you for this movie? Let us know.

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