A Bride For Tom by Ruth Ann Nordin-E-Book

A Bride For Tom

Ruth Ann Nordin
4 Star Rating
Historical Sweet Romance
Nebraska 1868

Tom Larson, has two left feet when it comes to dancing, clumsy as a bear when he is around women , but put him on a horse to work cattle and the difference is like night and day. He wants to move out of his parents home away from his brothers and sister who are forever taunting him. But first he wants to find a wife.

At the local barn dance Jessica Reynolds takes it upon herself to try and help Tom become more confident and to help him overcome his clumsiness so he may be able to attract a women. This seemed to be a disaster in the making. Jessica who is engaged soon sees the difference between her fiancé and the farmer boy. Now she has to make a choice. One who lets mamma rule or one who loves life, as her friend Margaret and her mother try and steer her in the right direction.

This is a laugh out loud short story that is the first book in Ms. Nordin’s “Nebraska” Series. One cannot help but worry about Tom and some of the predicaments he gets himself into . The secondary characters really add to the plot right along with the main characters. Excellent Sweet Historical Romance. Recommended.

You won't want to miss this series.

A Bride for Tom

A Husband for Margaret

Eye of the Beholder

The Wrong Husband

His Redeeming Bride

Loving Eliza (though Eliza moves to South Dakota, she is a minor character in His Redeeming Bride)

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