Hot Page 6 December 2011

  1. Couple badly injured after bodybuilder attack
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Federal agents searched the home and office of former Syracuse basketball coach Bernie Fine last month for pornographic materials and items detailing his relationships with young boys, court records showed. A federal judge in Syracuse on Monday unsealed four search warrants executed on three days in … | NEW YORK (Reuters) - A man accusing an ex-Syracuse basketball coach of molesting him as a boy said he himself plans to plead guilty to similar charges of fondling a boy.
  2. Earn an Extra $500 for the Holidays
    Kelsey Freeman, 28, has a plan for covering her holiday expenses: She's going to earn more money by selling photos online. The substitute teacher and freelance designer and photographer earns about $15,000 a year and her budget often gets even tighter around the holidays, since winter school breaks mean less substitute teaching.
  3. NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone
    This story was updated at 12:15 p.m. ET. | MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft has confirmed the discovery of its first alien world in its host star's habitable zone - that just-right range of distances that could allow liquid water to exist - and found more than 1,000 new explanet candidates, researchers announced today (Dec. 5).
  4. Seattle welfare recipient lives in million-dollar home
    A Seattle woman who is receiving welfare assistance from Washington state also happens to live in a waterfront house on Lake Washington worth more than a million dollars. | Federal agents raided the home this weekend but have not released the woman or her husband's name because they have not officially been charged with a crime.
  5. Family horrified by dead mother's emails
    STAFFORD, VA -- The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy. But in Stafford County, one family is suffering through tears, anger and pain. They've been hammered by a barrage emails from their dead mother's account. | They cannot make it stop. Every other day another email from the hacker hit's them. "Male enhancement!" "Work at home!" "Cheap Viagra!" -- all from their dead mother's account -- and each a reminder of the pain of losing her.
  6. CATS 1, KIDS 0 | Regretsy
    As you know, we have been trying to buy Christmas presents for kids in the Regretsy community. | We took many applications, vetted them carefully and set about creating a giant gift exchange program, where you could buy a gift for the over 200 children we're helping. | We raised so much money that we found ourselves in a position of not just being able to send toys, but to send a monetary gift to the families as well.
  7. 'Major milestone' in search for Earth's twin
    'Major milestone' in search for Earth's twin - Technology & science - Space - - MSNBC - Top Stories Jump to story headline MSN Hotmail More Autos My MSN Video Careers & Jobs Personals Weather Delish Quotes White Pages Games Real Estate Wonderwall Horoscopes Shopping Yellow Pages Local Edition Traffic Feedback Maps & Directions Travel Full MSN Index Bing sites & shows: TODAY Rock Center Nightly News Meet the Press Dateline Morning Joe Hardball Ed Maddow The Last Word msnbc tv
  8. Woot® : One Day, One Deal™
    "Melinda? Are you down there in the basement?" | No! Shut the door! | "Oookay, well, I'm asking because I just found this human-sized rag doll in your bed, and the Slumberjack Emergency Cot seems to be missing." | Coincidence! I'm somewhere else! | "Melinda, is this about zombies again?" | Don't say that word! They'll hear it! They'll think you called them! Zombies always respond to invitations. They're very polite. | "Zombies aren't that smart, Melinda, they can't understand language.
  9. Heartbreak Awaits Republicans Who Love Gingrich: Ramesh Ponnuru
    Before Republicans put Newt Gingrich at the top of their party, they should consider what happened the last time he led it. | In the mid-1990s, Gingrich was the de facto head of the Republican Party. He helped lead it to victory in the congressional elections of 1994, which brought about real accomplishments such as welfare reform. But once he attained power, both his popularity and that of his party started to plummet.
  10. Los Angeles Lakers want both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul
    It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers would like to trade for Dwight Howard or Chris Paul, but sources with knowledge of the situation say the Lakers actually have something greater in mind: acquiring both players. | Hoping to pull off a pair of blockbuster moves that would rock the NBA, the Lakers are willing to trade anyone on their roster outside of Kobe Bryant to bring Howard and Paul to Los Angeles, two sources said.
  11. Recent Charges Of Sexual Abuse Of Children In Hollywood Just Tip Of Iceberg, Experts Say
    If a spate of recent allegations proves true, Hollywood may have a hideous epidemic on its hands. The past two weeks have brought three separate reports of alleged child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. | Martin Weiss, a 47-year-old Hollywood manager who represented child actors, was charged in Los Angeles on Dec. 1 with sexually abusing a former client.
  12. Change log [SeoQuake FF] | SeoQuake [Team blog]
    SeoQuake Official homepage | [+] Added https support for Google SERPs [*] re-factored 'SeoQuake Preferences' | == New Features == [+] the SeoQuake menu-button in Firefox Navigation Toolbar | == Fixed Bugs == [*] users can not find the SeoQuake toolbar [*] enabling/disabling of SeoQuake toolbar causes visual bug [*] SQ bar duplication on some pages [*] not all hyphens are taken into account in Density's "original text" [*] empty 'SERP plugins' tab after fresh SQ installation | [*] Fixed Google PageRank.
  13. Stocking Stuffers & More! $36.99 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, $59.99 Waterproof Camera...
    Discounted prices and/or promo codes are valid till 12/12/2011. Standard terms and conditions resume upon expiration. Valid only on current stock. Promo codes may not be combined with other promo codes on a single item and can only be used once per registered account. However, unless otherwise noted on the product page, customers may purchase up to five (5) pieces of the same product at the promo code price as long as all pieces are purchased in the same order.
  14. Gingrich Scolds Pelosi for Suggesting She’d Air Ethics Charges
    Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich rebuked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for suggesting she would offer details of a 1990s ethics probe against him if he becomes the Republican presidential nominee. | Gingrich, who was reprimanded by the House in 1997 after an ethics investigation, said members of Congress should bring charges against Pelosi, herself a former speaker, if she follows through on airing aspects of the probe.
  15. Warning: Flu Shots Are Coming to Your Church
    Recently the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, held an invitation-only call. | The call was co-sponsored by the U.S. Health and Human Services, the Office of Minority Health, and CDC. | Conspicuously, the end of the invitation read: | Fortunately one of our staff was able to get on the call. | The focus of the call was on getting faith-based organizations to sponsor flu clinics with Walgreens.
  16. ColorZilla Updated
    Tweet | You can always install the latest version of ColorZilla here. | More ColorZilla: Home | Screenshots | Features | Help | Compatibility tweaks for Firefox 9 | Compatibility tweaks for Firefox 8 on MacOSX | Better support for moving the ColorZilla main button to the addon bar | Minor tweaks and bug fixes | Main ColorZilla icon now on top to better fit with newer Firefox versions | Auto copy of sampled color to clipboard is now 'on' by default - use the 'Options' menu to further configure this setting
  17. Women kicked off airplane at PBIA claim unruly flight attendant was to blame
    Related Links | PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Three women were escorted off a New York bound flight at Palm Beach International Airport Monday afternoon by airline staff and Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies. The women claim they did not do anything wrong and that a flight attendant on board was the only one behaving poorly. The women -- a lawyer, a therapist and a retired travel agent -- were complete strangers until they were seated near one another on AirTran Flight 1451 to White Plains, New York.
  18. Santa’s Land owners calling it quits at month’s end — Maine Business — Bangor Daily News
    PUTNEY, Vt. - Santa's Land will close its doors for good later this month after 54 years in business. | Timothy and Leslie Wells purchased the year-round, Christmas-themed park seven years ago, making improvements and increasing the park's attendance, the couple said. | But when gas prices topped $4 per gallon four years ago, out-of-state business declined and never recovered, the couple said.
  19. got my copy of Battlefield 3 today... OH OK.
    Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet. | © 2011 Imgur, LLC. All rights reserved. | blogfeedbacksite statsfaqrequest deletioncontacttermsgo proapi | Advertisement: pro users don't see ads
  20. BP accuses Halliburton of destroying evidence following Gulf spill
    U.S. News - BP accuses Halliburton of destroying evidence following Gulf spill RSS MSN Hotmail More Autos My MSN Video Careers & Jobs Personals Weather Delish Quotes White Pages Games Real Estate Wonderwall Horoscopes Shopping Yellow Pages Local Edition Traffic Feedback Maps & Directions Travel Full MSN Index Bing sites & shows: TODAY Nightly News Meet the Press Dateline Morning Joe Hardball The Last Word Maddow Ed msnbc tv advertisement Recommended: PETA: Whistleblower says monkeys mistreated

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