Multy Destroyer v1.3 By fr3e.dom

*** Feature ***
- Auto Action With kick and Group Ban
- Manual Action With Kick and Group ban
- Auto Series+Multy Detect
- Auto Flood Detect
- Level Detect
- Action On Any Entering User
- Unlimited Series Ban/Unban (Group)
- Bad Word Detection
- Detect Roll and Roll Flood
- Inactive/silent User Detect with sent notification in room or pvt
- Action Log
- Protect and Blacklist
- Room Chat/PVT chat/Group Chat
- Multy Scaning Speed Option Can increase n Decrease
- Room Operations (lock-unlock/silent/announce/broadcast/description/bot stopper)
- Action Counter
- Warning System with warning menu
- Mig33 Option (migalert/my profile/my photos/mail/migworld/group/room info e.t.c)
- Can kick By Selecting ID

Registrasi Contact ID : fr3e.dom or dm9

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