Simple Mail Server with Sendmail and Popa3d in Slackware 12

just trying to write my little project and for fun only…
There are two main component in mail server MTA (Message Transfer Agent) and MDA (Mail Delivery Agent) This time i’ll use Sendmail as MTA and Popa3d as MDA. Slackware 12 use those package as default mail agent but i’m not using them directly. i’ve uninstalled it first and re-install with a new and updated one except the Popa3d i’m using the installed package and only configuring it for support POP3 server.
O k let’s get start to built the system:

Sendmail Installation
the packet is in tarbal format so that we should extract it first
#tar –zxfv sendmail sendmail.8.13.8.tar.gz
go to the sendmail directory and then build with
#sh Build
change to cf/cf directory and type (i’t recommended to backup the file first )
#sh Build
and then install as /etc/mail/ and as /etc/mail/
#Sh Build install-cf
make new user “smmsp” and group “smmsp” for sendmail system requirement
#Adduser smmsp
#Groupadd smmsp
and then type
#sh Build install
done with installation and now we will chage the sendmail permision sendmail
#chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/rc.sendmail
now you can run the sendmail
#/etc/rc.d/rc.sendmail start
Popa3d Installation
This packet is actualy installed on the system but there’s some configuration needed for making Popa3d as a relay POP3 server to another client. First step just find the inetd.conf
Uncomment or add this line :
# Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) server:
pop3 stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/popa3d
Add entries for the host names that the smpt server should accept mail for in /etc/mail/local-host-names:
# names of hosts for which we receive email
<your host>.com
Add entries in the /etc/mail/access if required. The following allows the host 192.161.19 to relay mail through this SMTP server RELAY
then run the following command to build the access.db database:
#makemap hash access.db < access
Yeah it’s done and now you should restart the sendmai service
#/etc/rc.d/rc.sendmail restart
Do some test with:
#nmap localhost

and see whether port 25 and 110 opened
or you can send or receive e-mail with telnet comand
#telnet localhost 25  untuk SMTP sever
#telnet localhost 110  untuk POP3 server
ok that’s all…..

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