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The Slap of Poseidon

Slap of Poseidon is a wearable device that allows the performer to control his/her performing environment in real time thanks to movement and gesture recognition applications. I am not an advocate of technology for technology's sake, but what I remember from the time I used to perform is that there is no real way of predicting the length of the performance. Many things can happen, movements get accelerated and adrenaline plays its part as well. I thought that by being able to calculate and record the body' s acceleration, I could employ this information to possibly map out a performance accordingly. I wanted to use a body part, and its movements, to set thresholds, manipulate the sounds being generated, trigger different lights and even change the transitioning of video projections.I spent quite some time playing around and experimenting with different technologies and tools in the realm of gesture recognition, and created circuits and programs that trigger audio files, create music and manipulate video in real time thanks to movements and kinetic energy. The idea was to allow control of the environment without taking away from the beauty of improvisation. The device can be made of 2 different circuits, one that takes advantage of a wireless accelerometer that uses BlueTooth, or one which takes advantage of the ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4 standard communication protocol and sends the readings of the accelerometer to a computer running Max/MSP Jitter, through small bandwith low-power Radios.

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