Free SocialEngine V4 Plugins

Social Engine 4.2.2 plugins

Album 4.2.0
  • application/modules/Album/externals/scripts/composer_photo.js - Added namespace for Wibiya compatibility
  • application/modules/Album/externals/scripts/core.js - Added namespace for Wibiya compatibility
  • application/modules/Album/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Album/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Album/settings/my.sql - Incremented version

Blog 4.2.2
  • application/modules/Blog/Model/Blog.php - Fixed declaration compatibility error
  • application/modules/Blog/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Blog/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Blog/settings/my.sql - Incremented version

Chat 4.2.1
  • application/modules/Chat/controllers/AjaxController.php - Moving garbage collection to task scheduler
  • application/modules/Chat/Plugin/Task/Cleanup.php - Added
  • application/modules/Chat/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Chat/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Chat/settings/my-upgrade-4.2.0-4.2.1.sql - Added
  • application/modules/Chat/settings/my.sql - Incremented version

Classified 4.2.0
  • application/modules/Classified/Form/Create.php - Added token to help prevent spam; fixed issue with enabling links; fixed escaping issue
  • application/modules/Classified/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Classified/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Classified/settings/my.sql - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Classified/views/scripts/index/index.tpl - Fixed issue with enabling links
  • application/modules/Classified/views/scripts/index/manage.tpl - Fixed issue with enabling links
  • application/modules/Classified/views/scripts/index/view.tpl - Hiding report/share options when not available; Fixed issue with enabling links

Event 4.2.2
  • application/modules/Event/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Event/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Event/settings/my.sql - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Event/views/scripts/member/invite.tpl - MooTools 1.4 compatibility

Forum 4.2.2
  • application/modules/Forum/Model/Forum.php - Fixed error message
  • application/modules/Forum/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Forum/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Forum/settings/my.sql - Incremented version

Group 4.2.2
  • application/modules/Group/Model/Group.php - Fixed declaration compatibility error
  • application/modules/Group/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Group/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Group/settings/my.sql - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Group/views/scripts/member/invite.tpl - MooTools 1.4 compatibility

Mobi 4.2.2
  • application/modules/Mobi/layouts/scripts/default-simple.tpl - Upgrading to MooTools 1.4
  • application/modules/Mobi/layouts/scripts/default.tpl - Upgrading to MooTools 1.4
  • application/modules/Mobi/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Mobi/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Mobi/settings/my.sql - Incremented version

Music 4.2.2
  • application/modules/Music/externals/styles/main.css - MooTools 1.4 compatibility
  • application/modules/Music/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Music/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Music/settings/my.sql - Incremented version

Poll 4.2.0
  • application/modules/Poll/externals/scripts/core.js - Added namespace for Wibiya compatibility
  • application/modules/Poll/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Poll/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Poll/settings/my.sql - Incremented version

Video 4.2.1
  • application/modules/Video/controllers/IndexController.php - Improved message given when no results are found
  • application/modules/Video/Plugin/Job/Encode.php - Fixed compatibility issue with ffmpeg 0.10
  • application/modules/Video/settings/changelog.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Video/settings/manifest.php - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Video/settings/my.sql - Incremented version
  • application/modules/Video/views/scripts/index/browse.tpl - Improved message given when no results are found

Download: here

Social Engine 4.1.8  Upgrade Package 

Download here

Social engine plugings 4.15

Modules                               Download
module-albums-4.1.5.tar           here
module-events-4.1.5.tar            here
module-groups-4.1.5.tar           here
module-video-4.1.5.tar             here

Also for social engine 4.15 is accepted:

module-avatar-4.1.3.tar               here
module-facebookse-4.1.0.tar       here
module-flashgame-4.01.tar          here
module-hecore-4.1.2.tar              here
module-like-4.1.1.tar                   here            
module-page-4.1.1.tar                 here
And All Package 4.1.4
Modules      Download
Album             here
Blog                here
Events             here
Chat                here
Classifield       here
Forum             here
Group             here
Music              here
Video              here

Cometchat 3.0.1 Premium Edition

Cometchat 3.0.1 Premium Edition

Simply the leading one-on-one chat component available for your website. A fantastic chatting experience and hundreds of features ensure that your visitors stay glued to your site. CometChat automatically integrates with your site's login, friends list, avatars, links as well as status updates.

Download here
Module document, social engine Se 4.15:

  Document arhive for your social network. Easy to intall easy to use.

Dwonlaod here

Advanced music search:
 Mp3 Music is a standalone plugin that works on SocialEngine 4.

MP3 Music is a place where artists or a defined user level upload their music for community to listen and download.

Mp3 Music has all features needed for an premium Music Application: Artist, Singer, Playlist, Album

Mp3 Music is developed according to community feedback and real music sites over one year with a strong back end administration.

SE compatibility: 4.1.3+
Product version: 4.03

Highlight Features:

* Advanced Music Search: Song, Album, Playlist, Singer, Artist
* Song List: Newest uploaded songs
* Top Albums, New Albums,
* Top Singers
* Widgets: Music Categories, Singer Categories (Admin can add many necessary), Artist Categories, New Playlist, Top Songs, Top Downloads
* Song detail page: Flash Player, Link URL, Forum Code, HTML Code, Download, Rating, Comment, Send to Yahoo, Add to Playlist, Share, New Playlists, Related Song/Music

User Setting:

* Playlist: Default playlist setting
* Album: Enable/Disable download songs

Download setting: There are 2 levels of setting:

* User: User can set Enable/Disable download of each song he/she uploads
* Admin: Admin can set Enable/Disable download for a user type


* Manage Albums
* Manage Songs
* Manage Playlists
* Music Settings
* Global Settings
* Album Settings
* Playlist Settings
Do the following steps to finish the installation:
1. Login to your administrator page, go to the menu "Manage Plugins " install new packages then select "module-ynmusic-4.02.tar".
2. Restore the database sql file mySQL.sql into your social engine database
3. If upgrade from advanced music 4.01 to 4.02 :
        - Disable current Music plugin.
    - Restore the database sql file upgrade_music_from 4.01_to_4.02.sql into your social engine database

Demo here 
Download here
Speed up:

Plugin Features:
  • Enable/Disable plugin from admin area
  • Compress CSS files in one files
  • Compress Javascript files in one files
  • Automatic Remove Scaffold Library!

Download here

Well all Social Engine 4 users , do you know why social engine 4 takes soo much server resource, its takes all server ram, WHY? Does Social Engine Official Team has this answer? No...... But Social Engine Forum aka SEF team has this answer with proper solution, would it be shared for free or premium.
Its not social engine 4 script problem, its because Social Engine 4 using InnoDB database, Problem lies inside your database and your server MYSQL configuration, you need to configure something in your MY SQL

Another solution to control Ram Buffer and some other things for innodb
For my UBUNTU LINUX SERVER EDITION 10.5 its file location
its configuration file of MYSQL
add these line in the end of file, and make sure entry should not be double, kindly search for same line in file before .


 Other packages
Module avatar (can make photo with webcam)

 Download       here 

AVS video PLATINUM v4:

AVP V4 Platinum Edition allows users to both upload their video files and import videos from popular video sharing websites on a SocialEngine 4 powered website. At the moment the package includes the following video sharing websites: Youtube, Google Videos, Metacafe, Vimeo,,, Myspace Vide, Ebaum's World, Yahoo Videos and Dailymotiion. Users can also import title, description, and tags directly from the original video info.
  Dwonload here

Blog Twitter Bot Widget :

This widget/mods will automatically twitts every blog created from your site. The twitter post creator will be under the site twitter account.

How to install ?

Extract and upload the files to application/widgets
then go to admin->layout->layout edit and drag the widget where you want it to be shown.

Download here

Social Engine Voting Plugin 4.1.1- 4.1.4

People always want to choose best option, always want to be praised and always want to compete and win. So this plugin is all in one solution for your Social Engine Network, it allows your members to create votings, nominate their content and vote for it.
With this plugin your members will able to create endless types of contests such as beauty contests, contest of the best photography, contest of the best video, contest of the best song and many many others.

Download       here

M2B Contact Importer for SE 4


 Download here

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