Best Free VPN 2013

Best Free VPN 2013

Here yo go with some VPN Services which offer completely free trials, free but limited VPN Services and offer trials for some dollars.

VPN Provider Account Type Prices Details
Cyberghost VPN Basic/Limited Free Zero View Details
Cryptocloud 7 Days Free Trial Zero View Details
ibVPN 2 Hours Free Trial Zero View Details
Gotrusted 7 Days Free Trial Zero View Details
VPNSwiss 1 Month Free Trial Zero View Details
ProXPN Baisc/Limited Free Zero View Details
PrivateWiFi 3 Days Free Trial Zero View Details
HideIP VPN Limited/Invitational Zero View Details
PureVPN Full Featured – 3 Days $2.50 View Details
VPN Traffic Full Featured – 3 Days $1.99 View Details
BolehVPN Full Featured – 3 Days $1.80 View Details
TheSafety.US Full Featured – 3 Days $6.00 View Details
FBVPN Limited/Invitational Zero View Details
TunnelBear 500MB/Month Free Zero View Details
USA IP VPN Limited -Disconnects after every 7 Minutes Zero View Details
Raptor VPN Full Featured – Free Zero View Details
Security Kiss Basic /  Limited Zero ViewDetails
Unblock US VPN 7 Days Trial Zero View Details
Ettego VPN 4 Hours Trial – Limited Zero View Details
VPN Reactor 7 Days Trial – Limited Pro Zero View Details
VPNHQ 1 Month Free Zero View Details
CactusVPN Basic/Limited Free Zero View Details

Free VPN comes with limited speed. You will most probably get very low speeds, as majority free VPN services will offer you with no more than 512Kbps and that too will be shared.Free VPN comes with limited download, as no one can afford to give you unlimited high speed download for free, bandwidth has some money, and they won’t offer you that in free.VPN Users need a free trial or low priced trials to try any other VPN Service, so that they don’t get their money drained down. There are several VPN Providers that offer free VPN Services, offer basic free accounts or at least offer a trial on basic accounts with limited download and speed. Lets now discuss the major disadvantages of free VPN,
  • Completely unlimited free VPN Services come with ad supported platform, which will give you ads based on your browsing history, so is this really a VPN, or VPN masked behavior reading engine?
  • Free VPN Services does not come with real time support to help you solve your queries. If you have any problem setting up the VPN, no one will be there to support you.
  • Most of the so called free VPN services are scam, that is they are there to collect your information and sell them to  buyers.
  • Free VPN Services are more prone to government blockages and most importantly interceptions. As their infrastructure is not highly sophisticated like other Paid Personal VPN Services.
  • You will not be able to download movies or stream YouTube videos because of limited speed and bandwidth.
  • They will eventually ask you for money, to support them !! As Nothing is free in this world my anonymous friend !!
Despite of all these disadvantages and drawbacks of free VPN, if you still want to go with Free VPN Services you are most welcome!! But as I have some duties towards my readers, so I have guided you with those VPN Services that are free but are reliable. The Free VPN version is either basic or offers limited download, as it is impossible for someone to offer VPN Services for free, while supporting the entire servers and networks. It just ain’t possible, until or unless they are misusing their basic information or personal information. Therefore, basically you are not actually signing for VPN Services, but signing an agreement to either share your Personal information or browsing history.
So you must be happy looking at the list of more than 20 Limited Free VPN Providers. These VPN Providers are trusted for their quality and promise of anonymity and reliability. They will not scam you, drain your money or provide you with pathetic services as their networks and servers are not running on ad based platforms or donations, rather they have a huge base of Premium customers and they want new customers to try their services for first few days, so that they can trust them and easily switch their VPN Services.

Free Trial VPN

Cyberghost VPN, Cryptocloud, Gotrusted, PrivateWiFi, VPN Swiss, and ibVPN are few best free VPN services that give limited free trials to their visitors. Though I would recommend any of the above to you to try for free, but I have personally tested quite a lot of them, out of all these Cyberghost is the Best Limited Free Trial VPN Service. You will surely convert with one of them, as completely free VPN Services like HotSpotShield are completely ad based and they too at the time of download ask you to buy premium service for high speed and better security.

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